Thursday, November 8, 2012

To the McCann folks and other victimized

Hala Pickford here.  This was my blog from the start and I have said that.  Bret has blamed basically anyone he could about it.

While I'm in the midst of some lawsuits (non Bret but related) and planning my work to advocate for victims of cyberbullying, I don't have the time or energy to deal with every piece of shit death threat, necrophilia claim, and whatever else Bret can spout.  It seems like he's harassing 100 people a day, and they aren't sitting and taking it either which is fantastic.

I wish to hand this blog off to someone who can give it the integrity I did.  I WILL NOT hand it over to someone to harass, threaten or defame Bret or anyone else.  The goal of this blog was to be an intelligent documentation of everything he was we had to do anything, it was all proof of what he said when he'd turn around and say he hadn't a day later.  It is to be mature, factual, not defamatory and journalistic.  If I hand this blog off and someone doesn't follow the rules, it will not be my fault and I will try to maintain a hand over the blog so I could remove someone if that happened.  I DO NOT ADVOCATE any threats, defamation or harassment of ANYONE...not only Bret.

If you wish to take this blog over email me at misspickford @ with why.  As long as you are respectful, can prove you're not Bret or one of his buddies, and will uphold the journalistic integrity of this blog, then its yours.  And you can do so anonymously, I will only report names of identities in the event someone takes over this blog and barfs all over every rule I had, or commits a civil or criminal offense (like defamation/death threats.)  Otherwise you're good by me.

Thank you.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

For the record

Evelyn Zumaya has no affiliation with this site. Once again David Bret is pulling facts out of thin air.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Italian Slurs

On his normal blog, David Bret wrote on 6/24/2010:

It used to be a little disconcerting to read e-mails which they claim have been sent by me--absolutely no proof, of course--which have been so obviously contrived by these people, who like the aforementioned Christie also post some quite outrageous stuff about me on the fan forums. I for one would never call anyone a "wop". What I did call them was WOB....Without Brains! A big difference!

Yet in an email to our site from 5/02/2010:

Thought about paying someone to slit your eyeballs, you wop bastard, or maybe your throat. Then decided against it. Zumaya and Pickford may be snake's belly low, but they had the sense--as did I with them--to call a cease-fire. You, you vile, cowardly, motherfucking Italian twat, just keep on stirring. Which is why I have something very special in mind for you. I hate kiddie-fiddlers and bigots, the lowest of the low--snot dangling out of the arse of a slug.
You stink more than the rotting placenta of a dead pig, and if all goes well hopefully you will soon BE a dead pig.

As for David Bret's claim that a Neil Christie was arrested for a pedophilia in 1990 there is still no proof of this. On his angry blog David Bret cited an alleged article titled and dated, "9 MONTHS FOR ATTACK ON BOY (Yorkshire Post/ Yorkshire Evening Post: 1990)". Conveniently The Yorkshire Post/Evening Post has online archives. Online archives that go back to 1990. And a website search feature. Yet David Bret left off a date or even a month to find such an article. A website search yields nothing. Since the articles are online, if his source is true and accurate, he could provide a link. But much like his claim that Valentino's secret diaries were recently published in Turin; this appears to be a half truth: there really is a Yorkshire Post...that is it. No article on a Neil Christie. Or under that headline.

After deriding our site for once again questioning his research, certain he had proven some poor man a pedophile, Bret added at the bottom of his post, "You really are a bunch of shits. And of course, in exchange for this information, Zumaya and Pickford will suffer the consequences. "

Proving that once again Bret makes outrageous claims at those he has qualms with, he followed that post with another one alleging Zumaya was a lesbian pedophile, groping women during a lecture in Turin. He then followed it up by alleging she practiced bestiality with her dog. However, despite making slanderous claims for which he has no proof, David Bret once again contradicts himself all in the span of a few posts:

After alleging Zumaya practiced lesbian pedophilia, "
disinterested audience that Rudy did NOT take it up the bum....well, it appears that the near-sighted Evelyn either intended to grope a man's balls, or deliberately made a play for a very respectable young woman who, needless to say, complained to the authorities about attempted sexual assault!"
he wrote,

"And why are they so blatantly homophobic towards gays and lesbians?....Mostly lesbians who, while being fervently anti-gay, are so hung up about being lesbians that they make caustic remarks about other lesbians so as to draw the heat away from themselves! It's called double-edged homophobia! But, I guess while they're hounding me they're not harming old ladies!"

Then he changed it to, "First she is profoundly homophobic towards the gay community simply because Rudy took it up the bum, and in her dreams she wants him all to herself, therefore to her warped way of thinking, all gays are evil and perverted!"

Followed by, "
Thirdly she assumes that, because all her warped harpies are cucumber crunchers who are both homophic and heterophobic, then anyone who attacks them not for their sexuality but for being evil bastards has to be anti-woman or anti-lesbian!"

Despite all his claims of homophobia against Zumaya he has yet to prove one instance where she actually said anything homophobic (Zumaya has repeatedly denied his allegations and stated her love of the gay community.) He also alleged that while in Turin Zumaya uttered homophobic remarks, yet again provided no proof. Now he's claiming pedophilia; after we proved that his claims against NCH were false. After vowing 'now they will pay.'

Does David Bret have any research to back up ANY of his claims about anything? Apparently not.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Responding to a Wall

Responding to David Bret is like responding to a wall; or make that wall eyed?

He thinks he knows but he doesn't. And while he thinks he can silence us with threats he can't. He's just throwing accusations out (as usual) hoping to see something stick. You can keep slandering people David Bret, you will whether we are here or not, but we won't be going away. And you have never guessed it right. So keep trying. You contradict yourself so many times its hard to keep track. First we're a 'wop bastard' and then we're all still one male. Then we're Chris Wagenti. Then we're Pickford, then we're Zumaya, then we're 'half a dozen ladies'. You've never hit it and we will not be replying again on the matter.

Not a one of David Bret's books have ever been received well. Including his Morrissey one which we linked to and which also has unfavorable reviews in other areas. Not a one of David Bret's books has ever been received well. We'll be returning to citing their factual errors soon enough. On our own schedule.

Also of interest, David Bret did not respond to the fact that he made up lies about H. Just that his book 'sold well' (no proof) and that it was received well, and that we're a bunch of ladies. Not exactly the high road when you don't even deny making up pedophilia claims against someone who didn't like your book. (link)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

David Bret's vs Neill Christie-Hewitt

David Bret has continually thrown accusations at a Neill Christie-Hewitt. First he accused this man of posting on or running this site, then being in a partnership with Evelyn Zumaya. Neither Zumaya or ourselves have heard of this man. Yet David Bret continually insisted that a 'Neill Christie-Hewitt' had posted on Boycott David Bret. He hadn't. (link)

It started with an anonymous email we received (link), which had no correlation to that name. The sender used the name 'Chris Wagenti' or 'Chris W. Agenti' and made outrageous, slanderous claims against David Bret. We still believe this email to be from David Bret himself.

David Bret then claimed the email surely came from a 'Neill Christie-Hewitt'. He said this man had went through extreme weight loss, committed many crimes including pedophilia and that there was a public record of this, and that Hewitt had been arrested for 'stalking' a man named H, part of a British pop group named Steps. (source) He then made another post saying the man had stalked Morrissey's mother, had faked suicide, was faking befriending a celebrity known as Alan Carr, and had 'played touch and go' with a police man in a bathroom. (source).

David Bret has used two photos of this man, one of which came from a BBC article on weight loss (source). The other appears to come from a private site such as Facebook.

When one googles the name Neill Christie-Hewitt, David Bret's trail becomes clearer. First there is the BBC article on weight loss. Then an article on the British paper "The Sun" website asking H questions. Hewitt is the name of someone who submitted a question. Hewitt also comes up again for a fan forum for the band.

Other articles reveal this is a man from Leeds, UK...where David Bret is located. He is anti homophobia, as a member of a Facebook group hoping to stamp it out. Of course that's if its the same man; the photos do not sync up. These could all be separate people for all we know, either male or female. There is no proof this is the trail of one person.

But there are no articles on any arrests. If this man had been arrested for sexually abusing children, cruising bathrooms and being caught by a policeman, or stalking various celebrities...wouldn't there be a news article on it somewhere? There is not a trace. Not one. These accusations are typical David Bret. Google easily reveals that a man under this name is a fan of Steps, Morrissey and Alan Carr...yet there is not one article about those entities having to have a restraining order against the man. Bret took easy to find information and slandered it up; then through in pedophilia for good measure.

But why would David Bret be so insistent on this randomly named man? What could this person have done to him? A man under the name of Hewitt ran a Morrissey site which is part of the 'Shoplifters Union' (Morrissey fan network) under the url (link) The site appears to now be defunct. What a man under the name of Hewitt who ran a Morrissey site thought of David Bret's book, well, we do not know.

However David Bret's 2004 book on Morrissey was not well received. For a man who constantly threatens people with violent deaths and mentions of 'hit men' he felt compelled enough to call his local police station over their forum complaints, noting one fan wished to break his fingers so he couldn't write any more dribble. (source) The exact forum is unknown, though a few threads at various Morrissey forums indicate the fans level of enthusiasm (link) (link). Whether someone named Hewitt was part of any of these threads is unknown.

However we do know this much: Morrissey fans are not happy with David Bret's slanderous book on the band; so much so that it came to blows in 2004 when the book was released. Someone by the name of Neill Christie-Hewitt ran a Morrissey site and forum that is no longer active. And when we posted an email, an email that likely came from Bret himself, David Bret saw the opening he had hoped for and tied this man's name to that email; along with other slanderous and defaming claims which there are no record or proof of.

And as David Bret follows a pattern we'll save him the trouble: this is not a forum, and a Chris Wagenti or Neill Christie-Hewitt has nothing to do with Boycott Bret beyond the anonymous email we received under Wagenti's name. There is nothing linking a Hewitt to this site.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Once Again David Bret

David Bret has once again shown he does not understand the difference between a forum and a blog. Chris Agenti does not exist here. Beyond those emails we have had no contact from him, and make no judgement on the claims this supposed man has put forth; other than they sound straight out of a fictional David Bret slanderous ''biography''.

David Bret has made up an outrageous story about this supposed Agenti, complete with the same email address and pictures. Yet he has not proven anything. No links. No dates. No forum names. No screenshots. To the best of our knowledge Wagenti or Agenti does not exist. However David Bret does make the claim that this Agenti is after him for his Morrissey book, a possibility.

David Bret has made claims about where and when this supposed man or others have harassed him. We looked up those claims. They were proven false. We will post more on the matter when the time is appropriate.

Friday, June 11, 2010

David Bret and his Family Feuds

David Bret has long had a history of not getting along with the families of the dead celebrities he has slandered. Many fans wonder why the families of these celebrities never speak up. Several actually have. And Bret has replied with the expected results:

Clark Gable

Clark Gable had a daughter with Loretta Young, named Judy Lewis. Lewis did not know Gable was her father and only met him once in her teen years. She grew up well adjusted and wrote a book, "Uncommon Knowledge" about her life. She now practices therapy in California.

While just what Lewis has said in regards to David Bret's slanderous book, "Clark Gable: Tormented Star" is not easy to find. However Bret has gone off on her several times including this blog entry from December 2009, calling her 'Judge Judy' and mocking her looks:

"...It all began with a letter from a woman called Debbie Tambourine-Snot....something like that. "Mr Bret, are you a homosexual?" Three times she wrote to me, and methinks, "Does she want to employ me at some little grotto in Pershing Square, or is she just another one that's fallen out of the cuckoo's nest?" Then comes another missive, "Mr Bret, you LOOK like a homosexual! Unless you admit that you are a homosexual, I will write to the press and expose you as one!"

Mmm, and how would she do that? Does she have the secret video of yours truly doing The Sailor's Tango (naval-to-naval, but no semen) with Charlie Laughton when he was in his Quasimodo get-up. "Say, Chuck, I just ejaculated down the back of your jacket!" To which Quasi responds, "Thank the Lord for that, I thought my hump had burst!" And then come more missives from DTS. Nasty stuff admonishing me for doing the dirty on her hero, Clark Gable.

And in tandem an equally vehement letter from Gable's daughter, no less, suggesting that I never had parents and calling me a word which rhymes with work--suggestive that I am an overt enthusiast of J Arthur Rank.

Ms Lewis (loved her Lamb Chop, by the way, but not the movies with Dino--too daft to laugh at) says that I am disgusting to write in such a way a tissue of lies about someone I never knew, someone she loved dearly, blah-blah-blah. But, HANG ON A MINUTE, JUDY! Firstly, I must have been the millionth person to observe that Rhett Butler advocated a little uphill gardening as a means of getting his leg on the Tinsel Town ladder. Bill Haines dined out on that story for years--and he was the one digging the border, if you get my drift.

Secondly, you may have loved Gable the actor, but during his lifetime you could not possibly have loved him as your father--taking into account how you came to be, the result of a very well-publicised (not least of all by yourself in your book!) liaison between Gable and Loretta Young--the one which resulted in you entering the world, and immediately afterwards entering a children's home, from whence Loretta adopted you and for the rest of her life kept the truth from the world. Indeed, Gable knew who you were, but never acknowledged your existence for fear of evoking a scandal, or for reasons known only to himself. Indeed again, you did not learn the truth about your parentage (your own admittance in your book and in the television documentary, Living Dangerously) until many years after Gable's death, and when Loretta had also departed for that great love-fest in the sky..

There is no shame in being born on the wrong side of the blanket--I have another word for this written on my birth certificate. What IS shameful, though, is that you prejudge what I have written about a father you never knew--particularly when I have written nothing that hasn't been written before. The fans certainly approve--over 100,000 of them! Clark Gable, your father, would have been ashamed of you!"

Bret has also recently written a tirade on Gable's daughter insisting she had no right to speak as bastard was according to him 'written on her birth certificate'. He has since removed that posting.

Marlene Dietrich

Dietrich had a daughter named Maria Riva who has written a biography of her mother. Bret has constantly ranted against Riva, who he proudly notes tried to stop his book, "Marlene My Friend" from publication.

"Anyone who supports Christina Crawfish and Maria Rivachefolle as GOOD daughters cannot possibly be the full shilling, so I guess I can forgive you, my dear, for your selfish comments. I guess also that Joan Crawford will be weeping her eyes out in heaven right now because you have stopped watching her films."

Joan Crawford

While Joan Crawford had some notorious issues with her children (re: Mommy Dearest), she did indeed have decent relationships with a few of them. Crawford's Grandson, Casey LaLonde, runs a website dedicated to his Grandmother. LaLonde has written a foreword for a Crawford biography by Michelle Vogel.

LaLonde has written of David Bret's slandering
, "Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr" twice,

"April 28, 2006

Q: Hi Casey,

I seen your note in the book Joan Crawford: Her Life In Letters and so know you approve that book but how do you feel about this new book book Hollywood Martyr which doesn't show your Grandmother in best of light and see it is released in UK but would like to purchase but I live in Canada??? And no offence but you will probably get asked also about the new DVD updated verison of Mommie Dearest which must be hard for you to look at as know the book and movie Mommie Dearest is a she said/she said story.

Thanks for an answer if you are able to give one.



A: May 3, 2006

Hello Tom,

Author David Bret is taking quite a chance in publishing such inflammatory information in his new book "Hollywood Martyr." He makes some claims, such as my grandmother was a prostitute and that three of her husbands were gay. The reviews I have read so far indicate he offers no proof to backup his allegations. I do not want to tip my hand, but I may consider legal action against him and the publisher. British libel laws protect not only the living, but the dead.

American libel laws are more forgiving, understandably so with our 1st Amendment Constitutional protections. However, Mr. Bret's book was published in Britain, so the ball is in my court, so to speak . . .

As for purchase, the UK's version of Amazon has it for sale. You will have to pay international shipping, but I would consider waiting a few months to see if it makes it across the Atlantic. It doesn't appear to offer any groundbreaking information anyway.

As for the DVD release of "Mommie Dearest" this June, I have made my peace with the movie. It is a high camp masterpiece that in no way resembles my grandmother or her life. I just think of Faye Dunaway's career before and after "Mommie Dearest" and giggle. Ms. Dunaway filmed "Bonnie and Clyde," "Network" and "Chinatown" before "Mommie Dearest." Following the film's release, she has appeared in nothing as noteworthy, except playing opposite an orangutan in "Dunston Checks In" and as the villainess in "Supergirl."

Thanks for the questions!



"November 13, 2006

Q: Hi Casey,

What a great website!! Joan is one of my favorites esp. the 30's and early 40's movies. My question involves David Bret's new book on Joan "Hollywood Martyr". What is your opinion? I thought it was the worst researched and written book on Joan ever{and I have read many}. It is second to "Mommie Dearest" in its lies and distortions. I am sick of reading about Joan's supposed bed partners and feuds. Any more info on your book - I am looking forward to the definitive Joan book from someone that actually knew and loved her-the good and the bad.

Also do you know the real reason TCM can not show "Letty Lynton?" It is the only early Joan movie I did not see. Thanks for your time and hope to read your book as soon as it is released.

Mary Ann
Bethlehem Pa.

November 13, 2006

A: Hello Mary Ann,

Welcome to the website and thanks for the questions.

From what I have heard of David Bret's book, it is full of scandal and gossip that in no way sheds new or more interesting light on my grandmother's life and career. Just another poor example of autobiography published to make a buck. I support your position that the book is the second worst ever!..."

Slow to the news (4 years after the postings) Bret has made two tirades against LaLonde, one on his angry corner and one on his normal site. Attempting to court our site and mingle it with his previous rants Bret wrote of LaLonde, "
BOLLOCKS, you gormless-looking reptile. And they say that I make things up! You no more remember that meeting than I remember fighting at Mafeking. You made it all up. No five-year old remembers stuff like that. And way back then you considered suing me. You talk even more bollocks than the BBC, who doubtless will break their necks (PLEASE GOD!) to inform you of Bret's latest vituperative caper! I have to say though, studying that picture you're one hell of a cute guy. Valentino would certainly have enjoyed making those specs steam up by fucking some sense into you! Might even fancy having a go myself, if I were this inclined. Sorry, mate. Best bending down for Tom Twat!"

This isn't the first time Bret has made sexual overtures to someone he ranted about; having done so to Evelyn Zumaya a few months ago. Bret then returned to his regular site and wrote something in direct contradiction of LaLonde's own writings above, "Casey is Joan Crawford's grandson, and needless to say he doesn't like Bret or Faye Dunaway, who played Joan in the film "Mommie Dearest". The film was based on daughter from hell Christina's account of her alleged abusive mother. Joan was, I hasten to add, THE goddess supreme! Casey doesn't like Bret because he wrote a few things about his granny that LaLoony didn't approve of--facts that had been written elsewhere, and often: the stag movies, the gay hubbies, etc. He claims that Ms Dunaway never made any worthwhile films after MD, doubtless because fans were so outraged they never wanted to see her again. He's talking testicles, of course. But he's talking double-testicles if he expects us to believe that he visited Joanie when he was just five years old, and that he remembers every last detail of that visit, along with every single word she said. Not even Wolfgang Plugg or Stephen Hawkin would have that kind of memory!"

Rudolph Valentino

While Rudolph Valentino had no children of his own, his siblings Alberto and Maria both raised families. Alberto's Great Granddaughter, Jeanine Villalobos has been the most public, writing a book about her Great Grandfather and his brother.

In his ongoing efforts to bristle anyone Rudolph Valentino, David Bret took a spot on his angry corner for Villalobos, despite the fact the family has never commented on Bret's slander laden book, "Dream of Desire".

Bret mocks her name and lineage stating, "
The latest crackpot is Jeanine Villalobos. I know, who's going to crop up next. Won't be somebody with a name like Smith, and won't be some little old lady who looks like Angela Lansbury, but some freak with crimped Flappers-style hair, braces on her teeth, zits, and a face like the back of a bus. Oh, and she'll dislike men--if Rudy couldn't stag her, even in her dreams, then nobody else is going to get close to that zinging minge!

Villalabials is the great-great-great (yawn) niece, or granddaughter, or whatever of Alberto Guglielmo, Rudy's brother who shuffled into Hollywood when Rusy was ill and when there was a chance of him pocketing a few bucks. There are so many "greats" and this and that removed that when someone asks her what her true relationship to the Great Lover was she replies, "One of my mother's ancestor's cat once shat on his doorstep!""

Oddly Bret again makes many factual missives, such as accusing Villalobos of being against the annual memorial service held for Rudolph Valentino in Hollywood, California...despite a quick google search revealing she has attended and spoke for several years at the event, including the most recent event in August 2009. He also mocks her relationship with the organizers of the event, though Villalobos has never made any such statements.

For good measure David Bret ends with another thinly veiled death threat, "
Of course, they could invite them to this year's ceremony. They should shove Villalabials inside the tomb with Rudy....and boil Zumaya's bones for the glue to seal the door. Might even do the job myself if they asked me. Trouble is, my frail body would collapse under the strain of all the flowers the fans would toss at me for getting shot of these two dozy Doras."